Agent Taxus


159 HP

20 AC

+11 Fort.

+17 Reflex

+11 Will

Punching Dagger Transportation Wand Dagger of Frost

13Str 20Dex 18Con 18Wis 11Int 20Chr


He goes by the codename, Taxus, but his real name is Eraman, and is Luthien’s brother. He left home when Luthien was just 3, so she dosent remember him. He left to join up with the Merchant Corps. but lost faith in his path and became a Justiciar of the Sinearian Confederation. He punished the guilty all over Sinearia. He began to question his motives and his nations. When he saw that they began to make war against nations who have done nothing, he turned his attention to them and decided all who fight for the Sinearians are traitors to their own gods. He tries to protect his sister but does so from a distance. He infiltrates the Military with a fake name and ID and raises quickly to Agent status. As soon as he does, he begins taking potshots at the Sinearians and is making moves to destroy their campaign.

Agent Taxus

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