Sinearian Invasions

Two Down, Two to Go

Third day of Sinearian Invasion,

20th day of Icewind, 14FC

Thatch has made confirmed contact with the survivors. They all seem very confused and in need of some “guidence”. He put on a good show killing some of our own troops, but it gained the trust of the survivors and he is now embeded with them until such notice that he is dead or the party is.

In more disturbing news, it has bee confirmed that the survivors have made contact with the speaker of the goddess and she seems to be supporting them. They wield magical arms and armor which are aiding them in avoiding our patrols. One of them seems to disappear completely on occasion. This news is troubling but under the watch of Thatch, they wont get very far in the direction they wish to tread.

Reporting from Base of Operations along Copper Way:

Captain Emer

End Log

Notice of Promotion

Under uncontrollable circumstances you, Deputy Captain Uref have been promoted to the office of Captain due to the loss of Captain Emer from Assasanation. Captain, you will assume all command immediatly and your first orders are to deal with the corpse of the former Captain and the remains of one of the “Survivors”. His equipment has become property of the Sinearian Government until further notice. If these orders are not followed, then the crime is treason and you will be executed on sight.

General of High Command of Foreign Wars,

General Kieruntz

Further Captain’s Logs Cannot be Found…



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