Sinearian Invasions

Rescue Party

First Day of Sinearian Invasion,

18th Day of the month of Icewind, 14FC (First Combustion)

It has been three days since I had the men release the spiders into the oxygen holes in the mines. Over these three days, all the miners have been killed or eaten. The villagers have sent in several rescue parties, but our plans have worked and all of them were eaten as well. Today the village will send in its best and brightest into the mine. While they are attempting to help their friends or save themselves, we will make short work of this village. Orders are that there are to be no survivors, but my men have been without drink and women for too long and I can no longer hold their thirst.

The village will be burned, and our druids will begin casting the restoration spells to return this area back to its orginal state. The only difference is that the copper in the mountain will be extracted remotely which will aid in funding the campaign and will take away the disireability of the area. The mountain will be sealed as well and the place will look just as it did before these people arrived.

Reporting from the village of Margo:

Captain Emer

End Log

Second day of Sinearian Invasion,

19th Day of Icewind, 14FC

There are reports of survivors from the village. I am not concerned, I am sending out our best agent, a large man by the name of Thatch to halt their progress and will eventually deal with them painfully, he requested several soldiers meet him in specific areas to aid in his disguise, but they are too ignorant to relize their fate. He swears to treat all corpes with utmost respect after he’s done with them. He is supposed to make contact with them today and will help remove each of them one at a time. We are tracking a rebel in our ranks who is attempting to make contact with the survivors but it is doubtful that such contact will ever be acheived. It is also been reported that a figure resembling ancient drawings of the speaker of the goddess aiding the survivors. While these reports are unconfirmed, more investigation is required.

Reporting from outside the former city of Margo:

Captain Emer

End Log



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