Sinearian Invasions

F*** the Police

Date: 21st day of Icewind, 14 FC

Excerpt from the Journal of a former Sinearian Agent

Dear Journal,

I’ve been tracking the survivors for some time now and I have seen two of them stricken down due to some kind of circumstance created by this Thatch character. Tonight I will make my move and get them away from this area and bring Thatch to the Provincial capital where he can be brought to justice. What these people are doing is wrong. The Sinearians should not have the power to play god to all these people, and I’m gonna make sure they don’t. Tonight I’ll make contact with the survivors and hopefully extract them from the area. The only preceivable problem is if someone interfeared with the teleportation, because that could potentially throw us dangerously off course.

-Agent Taxus

Date: 21st Day of Icewind, 14FC

Excerpt from the journal of a former Sinearian Agent

Dear Journal,

I took the fools right through the old abandoned silver mine that was infested with Formians. The little dwarf was such a nuisence that I had him take most of the blows from the main defender of the colony. He would have been the hardest to take out, but the Formian knocked him out in only three hits. After the dwarf of most definitly dead, i made short work of the Formian, kept several of the dwarfs pieces of equipment, and gave the body and the rest to the remains of the survivors, who have resorted to stealing from each other. Quite pitiful if you ask me. Tonight I’ll probably finish off the other two, and go back to camp to lay out the plans on attacking the next village.

-Agent Thatch

Date: 21st Day of Icewind, 14FC

Recently Discovered Contract of Employment at the Whaling Muscrat Night Pub

I, Luthien Seralus, agree to serve as a Dancer at the establishment The Whaling Muscrat Night Pub. I will take and perform all that I am ordered to do save what is not permitted under provincial law or union policy. I agree to serve for a commision wage of 1 gold for every 10 entertained customers per night of work.

Signed, Luthien Seralus

Employer, Phillip “Big Phil” Reynolds

Date: 21st day of Icewind, 14FC

Excerpt from Journal of Former Sinearian Agent

Dear Journal,

I met with Captain Uref today. He’s not quite as organized as Emer was, but he seems to be more aggressive, which this invasion could use. There I was gifted with a new item, a teleportation disruption wand. It has the power to change the location of any teleportation to a location I have set in my mind. If this Rogue Agent decides to show his face and usher the survivors away, I’m going to make sure they are as far away from home as possble. As far away from help as possible too. I’m taking the rogue home.

-Agent Thatch



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