In a land of fantasy and advancing engineering, one nation in the realm is standing up to this advancment and is removing cities and villages from all known history and mind and is moving very quickly. The nation of Sinearia Sends its massive hordes of barbarians and druids to cleanse the world of technology. Their first target was an out-of-the-way mining village known as Margo. As the Sinearians released giant spiders into the mines, the villagers were compelled to investigate their missing persons, and the only survivors were four young members of the village, a dwarf, and three humans. These advances have angered the gods that govern the laws of nature and have mounted their own silent campaign in aiding these survivors in spreading the word of this disappearing city. Only two of the original survivors still live, but they move with great haste to their Provincial capital to inform the Eschbin Dragoons of the danger to the nation, and maybe even more.

Sinearian Invasions